Little Yarra Steiner School: New Kindergarten building

Little Yarra Steiner School

New Kindergarten building

Here is an article about Little Yarra’s new kindergarten (preschool) building, in their own words:

Our new kindergarten is finally here. We would like to thank and acknowledge all who have brought it into existence. Johannes Schuster who designed the original school buildings and provided the spiritual brief for the kindergarten architecture, Greg Burgess, the architect who designed the form to fit with the spiritual brief. Ahmad Abas, the architect who designed and oversaw the building itself. Nathan and Steve from Melbcon who did an amazing job on the construction fitting around Covid restrictions. All the kindergarten teachers who gave advice, feedback and encouragement along the way. This was the 13th attempt to design and build a preschool at Little Yarra, and it finally arrived. In the spiritual brief, Johannes provided a ‘verbal seed gesture’ for the 3 kindergarten rooms under one roof – to describe how “if the Kinder buildings were beings, perhaps they might speak thus” …

Here sit
we, all three,
In a circle of friendship
Firmly planted on the earth like a tree.

Our gesture is warm our heads held high,
sensing unseen worlds beyond horizon and sky.
Our hats are domed with an undulating rim,
Sturdily held up by wooden trunk and limb.
Our verandahs reach out one to another,
providing shelter, playing spaces and cover.

Although our windows may be scattered and small,
our senses are wide open to trees, gardens and beings all.
Our walls are protective and meander their way
Past groups of children at work and play.

We can gather up all children in one big embrace
And then let them go free again to play, run and chase,
or putting block upon block, creating stories all over the floor,
we are happy to be touched, sat on, bumped in or slept on,
and don’t mind many voices or running feet door to door.

Among the trees and gardens are Pixies and fairies,
cat and chickens, Bird and beetle, butterfly and bee,
Come – visit us from classes one, two and three.
We are openhearted, warm and friendly to all,
sitting by ourselves, among trees small and tall.

Do come for a while , sit with us
and marvel the children at play,
whether wind, rain or sunshine,
under the broad rim of our hat
you experience our day.

Leanne & John