Little Yarra Steiner School: Year 10 Photography

Little Yarra Steiner School:

Class 10 Digital Art

This term, class 10 are exploring the artistic potential of digital photography. Each week they will research a different technique and then take their own photographs in this style. First up was an investigation into composition, with students looking at the placement of the focal point within an image. Students explored two techniques: centring the subject and composing an image according to the rule of thirds. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm that so many students showed for this task; it is very clear that we have some very talented photographers within the class. 

Dani Fischer

“This image follows the centering rule. With the succulent having a circular shape, the eye is drawn straight to the center of the image due to the spiral effect of the plant. The dark background contrasts with the bright green of the plant.” – Ruby McNeill
“I used the rule of thirds to take this photo; by having the feet on the right hand side and the camera low to the ground the eye is drawn out to the road.” – Maya King
“This photo uses the rule of thirds. The eye is drawn to the sign and the colours first… The overgrown ivy, tree growth and even the slight underexposure gives this picture a feeling of nature taking over.” – Edana Mueller
“This photograph of a purple flower positions the main focal point in the middle of the frame. The blurred background further enhances the flower, and the dark greens and blacks make it really stand out.” Jesse Simpson