Lorien Novalis Steiner School: Blacksmithing

Lorien Novalis Steiner School

Forging with Class 9/10

All human engineering endeavours started at the forge so why not make your own tools in the blacksmithing workshop at Lorien. The students made various tools including flint steel strikers, tongs and campfire billy sets. They up-cycled car parts, starting with a 16mm high carbon steel coil spring from a 4WD. The blacksmithing students spent four weeks working and hammering the steel.

The Individual is shaped and transformed in the fire or as the German proverb states: ‘Jeder ist sein Glueckes Schmied,’ which translates, ‘Everybody is the Blacksmith of her/his own Happiness.’

As a Steiner School, we facilitate an experience of transformation, allowing the individual to create moments of encounter with themselves. Let’s keep the fire going.

Stefan – Class 9 Guardian