Lorien Novalis Steiner School: Class 4 Human and Animal Main Lesson

Lorien Novalis Steiner School

Class 4 Human and Animal Main Lesson

Class Four recently completed a main lesson entitled, “Human and Animal”.  This is a favourite and important main lesson for students and teachers alike. It allows the students to share their own understandings of various animals, some quality time artistically representing them and to consider and discuss the importance of the relationship between the human being and the many living creatures we share this wonderful planet with. We discussed how the human being strives for balance and growth in our thinking, our feeling/rhythmic system and our metabolic/limb system. However we see in the animal kingdom, a specialisation in one area or another.

Human beings have the capacity to overcome instinct but the animal cannot. This inevitably leads to a good discussion on interpersonal relationships and what we deserve from one another. The lion, the eagle and the bull each represent a soul quality that we as human beings strive to enliven within ourselves- the courage and stamina of a lion, the sharp senses and thinking of the eagle and the powerful, efficient metabolism and strength of the bull.

Inspired by the stunning artwork of one of our Lorien teachers – Jackie, each student completed a beautiful desk protector based on this theme. Students made a small beginning into the realm of individual research, presenting work on an animal of their choice. They also began to explore the vocabulary of the biological sciences. We consider the main lesson book a kind of self-created text book that they can bring home, share with friends and family and look back on for years to come. Class Four have created such a wonderful book!

Matthew  ~ Class 4