Lorien Novalis Steiner School: Class 5 Meteorology

Lorien Novalis Steiner School

Meteorology with Class 5


Earlier this year, Lorien Novalis students put on their white lab coats and delved in the world of weather. The class were remarkably blessed to have wild weather ranging from high temperatures to low pressure systems and were able to witness precipitation, evaporation, condensation and percolation first-hand.

We revisited the story of the water droplets from our water cycle story several years back in Class Two and learned the scientific concepts related to this. Through the story of Sam, a boy who lived on a cattle station, who was learning about the weather via the school of the air, the students learned about many aspects of meteorology that affect the weather and its phenomena.

They conducted a variety of experiments and made rain gauges and air pressure instruments. There was a deepening study of the water cycle and many cloud types. Very interesting to the students, was learning about how clouds make rain and how thunderstorms form. They collected data, wrote and conducted science experiments and learned to read weather maps and reports, developing their vocabulary as they learned many new scientific terms. They worked on their independent and creative writing skills, reflecting on their knowledge of droughts, floods and fires and the wild weather conditions over the season.