Lorien Novalis Steiner School: Ocean Dwellers main lesson

Lorien Novalis Steiner School

Ocean Dwellers main lesson

While students at Lorien Novalis School were creatively embracing remote learning and the tools of technology in a way that still allows for the delivery of creative multifaceted learning; it’s nice to take a glimpse at some of the lessons from face-to-face learning, the type of learning that teachers and students alike are keen to get back to.

Class Three’s lesson on Ocean Dwellers developed students’ understanding of some of the amazing ocean animals that live in our Australian waters.  Through stories told, students learnt about the interesting habitats, behaviours, life cycles and the way in which each ocean animal lives. Students brought to life the animals learnt about through beautiful pencil drawings, which highlighted the beauty of our incredible marine life.  Through this, students were also introduced to new drawing techniques that further developed their drawing skills. 

As Class Three literacy lessons focused on the understanding and use of punctuation, this component was also woven into students’ learning experience.  They received an abbreviated, unpunctuated written version of the story told to them orally.  Working together, students had to correctly punctuate the text, which included story dialogue. This presented numerous opportunities to develop literacy skills in a creative and fun way.  These drawings and stories will be turned into a bi-fold styled book with their beautiful drawings and the written text.  In this way, students will be able to make use of their work as a reader, and they will also be able to display their amazing series of work on their wall at home. 

 “This lesson compliments so much of what they have learnt with their class teacher, Tracey, and so much of what they will learn in years to come,” says Primary School Teacher, Jacqueline Cain. “It beautifully brings together the sciences, the arts and literacy in one unit of work.”

“I also know that it inspires students in a way that will be revisited in their Upper Primary years, when students will embark on their class trip to Northwest Island in the Great Barrier Reef,” Cain explained. “During this, students will learn through first-hand experiences and observations about some of these amazing ocean dwellers and the bird life on the island.”

Students were also inspired to learn about the work of Lorien Novalis Alumnus, Dr. Katherina Petrou, who’s a senior lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Technology, and the founder and head of the Petrou Lab (named after her). 

“They loved to hear of some of her adventures to Antarctica, and to know that a former student, who has journeyed through all the same classes from Big Kindy through to Year 12, just like them, is doing some amazing marine life research.”