Lorien Novalis Steiner School: Term 2 Art

Lorien Novalis Steiner School

a Tour of Term 2 high school Art classes

Class 8 Art Block Lesson, students stepped into the historical context of medieval life looking at the history and characteristics of Gothic architecture. Students were assessed on spatial perspective through drawing. After practicing with 1-perspective cuboids, the assessment task required them to draw the interior of a Gothic cathedral in perspective.









Class 10 Art Block Lesson, students studied Baroque Portraiture. Charcoal portraits enabled them to practice the technique ‘chiaroscuro’ and the drama of light on a face. Following this we looked at Baroque art, particularly the works of Rembrandt and Caravaggio, who inspired them to paint moody portraits in oils (the oils paintings are a work in progress).

Class 11 Art Middle Lesson, students focused on the human form with a case study on Brett Whiteley. Students mastered anatomical proportions from varying angles and with a variety of materials. They enjoyed extending their knowledge and practice whiteley’s non-conventional techniques of attaching a paintbrush to a long stick, thus loosening their line work and allowing for a freer, more organic application of paint to canvas. Some great results.


Class 12 Art Middle Lesson, students studiedthe history of Expressionism and learnt about the driving forces behind modern art with a case study on Kandinsky. Their written assessment required them to further their knowledge on Expressionism and question the necessity of Artists statements. Students then spent the rest of the term researching and constructing a post-modern recycled sculpture inspired Kandinsky.

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