Mansfield Steiner School: Best Book Day Ever!

Mansfield Steiner School: “Best Book Day Ever!”

In Steiner Schools, the foundation for reading begins in Early Childhood. Learning to read evolves in the same way as it did for the beginning of humanity. Spoken language developed first, then people drew pictures to communicate their ideas, followed by symbols such as hieroglyphics and finally the abstract letters of our modern alphabets. Once there was a written language, people learned to read. This is exactly the sequence in which children master language and it also is the sequence in which reading is taught in Steiner schools. The children’s first reader is one they write and illustrate themselves. Today our Class 6 students hosted their very own “Best Book Day Ever!”. All students (AND teachers), were asked to dress up as characters from a book that they have read and enjoyed. Each student then shared their favourite book with their class. It was so exciting to see everyone arrive this morning with their favourite books in hand. Thanks Class 6!