Mansfield Steiner School Celebrates World Bee Day

World Bee day

2019 is the 100 year anniversary of Steiner/Waldorf education. The first Waldorf school was founded in Stuttgart in 1919, and today there are over 1,100 schools and almost 2,000 kindergartens in some 80 countries around the world.

As part of the world wide celebrations Steiner and Waldorf Schools have united on core projects, including the Bees and Trees project.

“The entire beehive is actually permeated with love” observed Rudolf Steiner.

As part of the Waldorf 100 celebrations, Steiner/Waldorf schools have been working to create a bee oasis within their schools, to raise awareness of the important role bees have in the health and wellbeing of the natural world, and in the production of food crops.

Monday 20 May was World Bee day.

The purpose of World Bee day is to acknowledge the role of bees and other pollinators for the ecosystem.

Mansfield Steiner School in Victoria’s high country honoured and celebrated the day with all students and staff being offered the treat of honey joys made with locally produced honey.

There were smiles all around as students from Prep to Class 9 nibbled honey joys. The students all wanted to know if the honey used was from the school hives and they had lots of bee questions for their teachers.

For more information on the Bees and Trees project please have a look at the Waldorf 100 website