Mansfield Steiner School: Garden to Plate School Cooking Program


This year Mansfield Steiner School is thrilled to be offering a garden to plate school cooking program with their new kitchen and garden team Genevieve DeSantis, Andrew Storrie and Pat Dowling. Each week the students will cook a new recipe with fresh produce picked straight from the school garden.

Researchers say cooking with children has many benefits. A recent feature in Time Magazine explains… ‘It’s been said that good cooking is an art form. The truth is, it’s much more than that. It’s a way to teach kids vital 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Cooking brings science concepts to life and recipe failures matter as much as the successes, as they help kids develop resilience… Beyond the practical skills, cooking builds character. It encourages kids to work with others to produce the final result and boosts their confidence as they take the lead in packing their own lunches, baking holiday treats or helping to get dinner on the table. It also encourages them to be open to foods they otherwise might not have tried’.