Mansfield Steiner School: Stellar results for pioneering Year 12 IB students

Mansfield Steiner School

Stellar Results for Year 12 students at Mansfield Steiner School

There was nervous anticipation on Monday January 3rd, as the Mansfield Steiner School pioneering group of Year 12 students waited for the arrival of their results for the IB Diploma.

The anticipation turned to joy as each student realised that they had achieved exceptional results.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an academically rigorous international pre-tertiary certificate, which is all about developing inquiring minds and encouraging creative thinking. Students must select a subject from each of the six subject categories: Mathematics, Sciences, Language Acquisition, Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, and the Arts. All students must undertake the three core subjects, the Theory of Knowledge, which is an exploration of the nature of knowledge, the Extended Essay, a research study on a subject interest area and CAS – Creativity, Activity and Service. In a small school, subject choices were limited, but the subjects selected by Mansfield Steiner School were chosen to allow entry into any higher education course, meaning that some students were studying subjects which were quite challenging.

Some students already had pre offers on courses, but maybe reconsidering their many options.

Students are going on to study engineering, fine art, marine and antarctic governance and environmental science. 

Given that these six courageous students were the trail blazers, the very first IB Diploma candidates for Mansfield Steiner School, and have spent the last two years in and out of Covid lockdowns and learning remotely, their achievements are quite outstanding. The results are testimony to the dedication of the staff and the student’s commitment to achieve their very best.