Mansfield Steiner School: Term 2 Remote Learning

Mansfield Steiner School: Term 2 Remote Learning

Connection is a fundamental human need, and at the moment, now more than ever, young people need to remain connected to their peers and their school community. The real opportunity for learning amidst this pandemic, is to know that adversity can be overcome through working together. Students have discovered new ways to communicate with family and friends. It will be a time of change for our school as the students settle into new routines and have to see their classmates via a screen.

Creativity, beauty and practical activities are essential ingredients to the Steiner Curriculum. Many of the activities provided to the Primary school students involved the children learning to become more self-sufficient thus providing them with a sense of security so that they will be able to deal with any problem that life throws their way.

There is a willingness in our school community to make the most of these unexpected circumstances together and we look forward to it being a time of great creativity.

Written by Fran Cummins, Mansfield Steiner School Principal.