Mansfield Steiner School: Year 10 Cultural Experience

Mansfield Steiner School

Year 10 Cultural Experience

Year 10 students at Mansfield Steiner School have recently embarked on the first leg of a term long Cultural Experience. The students are spending ten days in Wadeye, a remote Aboriginal Community about 600 kilometres west of Darwin, a very different place to Mansfield physically, culturally and spiritually.  The students are so privileged to have a glimpse of life for other Australians.  Through this experience the students will hopefully begin to develop an ability to care for what matters in life and less for what does not.

Here is a report from one of the Year 10 students:

The Journey So Far…On the 26 April we set out for our 8-week cultural exchange.  We arrived in Darwin in the wee hours of the morning and were surprised by the temperature and humidity even in the middle of the night.
In the morning, we ate out for breaky and went to the art gallery/museum before going for a much-needed swim at the water front and dinner on the wharf.

Come the second day we flew out of Darwin in groups of four on small planes, experiencing some amazing views throughout the 1-hour flight.
Once we had landed the girls attended a meeting for the aboriginal voice in Parliament, learning what representation they have and what issues need to be addressed.

On Thursday we entered the town’s community, working in multiple shops and workplaces e.g. local op shop, the men’s shed (doing woodworking) and making wicking beds.

The next three days consisted of going out on country, experiencing different environments, trying many different foods, learning the language, and meeting heaps of local people.  We are starting to gain knowledge of what their lifestyle is like.

We are looking forward to the many adventures ahead of us on this amazing journey.

Jessica Cassels
Year 10 student