Mansfield Steiner School: Year 12, 2023 IB Diploma graduates


The 2023 Year 12 students from Mansfield Steiner School launched into travels, summer jobs and enjoyed their holiday season before receiving their IBDP scores on the third of January. The entire school community would like to congratulate all students on achieving the significant accomplishment that is an International Baccalaureate Diploma. The top score was 36 points or 92.85 ATAR.

The IB Diploma Program encourages students to be well-rounded, worldly and curious about all manner of topics within their academic subjects and the world immediately around us. It leaves all doors open for future studies and intentionally aims to educate young people to be both discerning and open-minded, instilling strong senses of freedom and responsibility in one’s thinking and actions. It involves hard work, creativity, flexibility and a willingness to reconsider your approach or opinion. It is an achievement that scores go some way towards communicating and should be celebrated but as Holly, one of this Year 12 cohort said when we were debriefing, it is really in the “intangible learning” that the true value of the program lies.  

We are a unique small rural school that is lucky enough to offer an alternative Year 12 which aligns well with Steiner Education. This is our second cohort of graduates who set out in the wider world now open and ready for the next phase of life.