Mansfield Steiner School – Year 9 Outdoor Education Program

Mansfield Steiner School’s Year 9 Outdoor Education Program – Building Skills for Life

Unique to Mansfield Steiner School, the Year 9 Outdoor Education Program is an intentional, sequenced outdoor education learning journey. Designed to give the students a yearlong adventure, the program works to round out their skills for independent travel, preparing them for their Year 10 cultural exchange.

Built to work with the natural environments that surround Mansfield, the students will spend 55 nights out in various Australian landscapes, hiking, paddling, riding bikes and completing Main Lessons relevant to the associated environments and places, whilst immersing their growing beings and awareness in the area’s unique landscapes, culture, tradition and history.

These outdoor experiences will provide opportunities to gain perspective of themselves and their place in the world. The program is shaped to give students a chance to build first aid skills, participate in a volunteer organisation and take on real responsibilities. They will learn water safety and radio communication skills, which are helpful skills to continue to navigate the outdoor program. 

New Outdoor Education coordinator Brooke Varacalli will work specifically with the Year 9 cohort to complete the outdoor education program. A passionate outdoor educator, Brooke has worked extensively in the outdoors and most recently for Sophia Mundi Steiner School.

On each trip the area they visit is chosen, above all, as a beautiful natural place. This is part of a continuing theme of appreciation for and empathy with nature. An important part of achieving this aim is the intentionally uncomplicated nature of each trip: the less gear you carry and the less impact you make.

As students mature and grow, the program meets the students at the different transitional points of their development, helping to prepare them for the responsibilities of adult hood.