Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar: Clay Modelling

Clay Modelling (Term 2 & 3)

Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar

Clay has an energising and regenerating effect on human life forces – it works to strengthen the will while being a creative and therapeutic medium.  Rudolf Steiner speaks of the inner activity that takes place when we engage in forming and modelling clay.

We have designed this course for early years to class 6 teachers to learn how sculptural activity and clay modelling can support and benefit the development of children in a variety of ways, and how to apply it in the classroom or at home to enrich the curriculum. 

Term 2 Almut Woolard will cover the use the clay and other materials from the early years to Class 3.  Term 3 Tania Hungerford will cover content suitable for Class 4-6.

Wednesdays from May 3, 2023
7-9pm Melbourne time