Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar: Student teacher journey

Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar

Meet our graduate Christine who is taking up a position in a Steiner inspired school stream in Victoria in 2021. Congratulations from everyone at the Seminar! This is Christine’s reflection:   

“The 2 year Advanced Diploma course was a profoundly transformational experience. What I found was a deeply humane, soulful and holistic form of education in teaching the whole child.

The course opened up a new and deeply fulfilling pathway in exploring creativity in teaching through storytelling, drama, visual arts, craft and music. Through exploring the arts practice in the first year of the course, I have also been able to explore multi-modal ways of being and expression which have expanded my sense of self – namely the understanding of the unique inner resources needed to teach in Steiner classrooms, thus cementing my commitment and passion for being a teacher in guiding the hearts and minds of young people. The placements units were especially practical and offered an authentic and immersive experience of teaching and learning in Steiner classrooms. I also really valued how the course tutors supported students to co-create a sense of community where students experienced and held festivals, artistic presentations/concerts and other community events. 

After my Advanced Diploma, I undertook a Masters of Teaching (Primary) at Deakin University and upon getting my teaching registration this year, I have worked at 2 Steiner schools in Victoria. Now I have been offered a teaching position at a Steiner inspired primary school in Melbourne. All of these employers have valued my Steiner Advanced Diploma teacher training. I cannot stress how beneficial this course has been both personally and professionally. If you’re interested, definitely sign up for a transformative and enriching journey of self-discovery and professional learning.”