Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar: Student teacher journey

Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar

Student testimonial



Eva worked for many years in childcare, where it became clear to her that the joy of her daily interactions with children offered her a vision for a path forward to teaching. Many people in her community suggested that she look into Steiner teaching, as it seemed like it might be the right fit for her aspirations and values for education. 

“Upon researching Steiner education, meeting the course teachers and then starting the Advanced Diploma, I discovered that I aligned so much with Steiner philosophy and practice and was amazed at there being an avenue in which I could be who I really was as a person while teaching.

The 2-year course was incredible. Even to this day, I feel so grateful that two out of four years of my teaching degree were done with the Seminar. I was able to learn so much about pedagogical practice, curriculum and planning as well as diving into a world of self-understanding and artistic practice. Steiner teaching holds a completely different view of what education should provide for the child – it is not just about academic progress and meeting learning markers, it is about enriching the inner life of the child and nourishing every single aspect of what it means to be a human. I adore the hands-on aspect of Steiner teaching and learning, the connection to nature, the imaginative undercurrent that runs through the whole curriculum and the compassionate view of consciousness/development as a personal journey. What I learnt at the Seminar was invaluable for my current career in the knowledge I gained but also the immense support I got from the staff and students that teaching could also be a nourishing thing for me.

After the 2 year Advanced Diploma, I went straight into 3rd year at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. It was brilliant to have all of my subjects recognised for the full 2 years! I had also completed so many teaching placements during the Advanced Diploma (one in first year, two in second) that I only had one more to complete to finish my degree. During the AdDip, I did a placement with the same school where I am now employed. I am now a full time class teacher of a year 1/2 composite class in a beautiful school as a direct result of the connections I made through the Advanced Diploma. Working in a Steiner school is unlike anything I could have imagined when I first contemplated teaching. It is definitely still hard work, but the emphasis on community and creativity makes the workplace colourful and dynamic. Our community is incredibly connected and we connect to our local area in many meaningful ways. We practice spiritual and personal development as a staff, and work collaboratively in almost every situation. 

There is such an advantage to having Steiner training as a part of your degree. For example, my school is relatively small and is growing at a fast rate, just as many Steiner schools around Australia are. We are moving from composite to single-stream next year to accommodate the influx of enrolments and thus will need new staff. The number one thing that we are looking for as a school community is teachers with Steiner training. Teachers with Steiner pedagogical/philosophical knowledge and experience are invaluable and have a clear advantage in being employed by us, or any other Steiner schools. 

I would highly recommend taking the pathway of the Advanced Diploma. It gives you such personal understanding and professional opportunities. In my opinion, using your skills and efforts in a Steiner school contributes to children experiencing a deeply nourishing, fun and vibrant education instead of a deadening, pressurised one. I would recommend to anyone who resonates with anything I have written here, or is simply looking for a way to teach outside of the current mainstream education system, to take this course.”