Milkwood Steiner School in partnership with Nawarddeken Academy

Milkwood Steiner School has entered into a mentoring partnership with Nawarddeken Academy, an indigenous school located at Kabulwarnamyo in the central west of Arnhem Land. Previously the school relied on its connection to Gunbalanya in order to have a teacher fly out for two days a week to teach. As a result of a coalition of supporters and advisors, including Milkwood’s Business Manager, David Arthur working together for over a year, Nawarddeken gained its own registration with the NT department of Education. This means that they can employ their own teachers for five days a week instead of two.

One of the provisions of Registration being granted was that The Academy would enter into a mentoring partnership with Milkwood for a period of two years whilst they get fully established.

During the past holidays, Milkwood principal Graham Baggs had the privilege of representing David at one of the School board meetings whilst he was away on holidays. Graham flew out to the community for an overnight stay and was able to meet some of the elders, board members and families. Everybody was very welcoming and we were able to spend some time in discussions relating to reciprocal visits between our school and theirs.
This last week the entire Nawarddeken school has been visiting Darwin and dropped in to visit Milkwood yesterday for two hours. They had a quick tour of the school and then the different ages split up to join in with some class activities with Milkwood students. After that both schools all had lunch together and then there was time to open the bush block and allow everyone to play together until they had to leave.

Next year Milkwood will be sending a class out to Kaulwarnamyo to camp and gain some valuable insights into Indigenous culture, land management and the fabulous landscape which is Arnhem Land.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff from both schools who helped to make this visit the great success that it was.
~Graham Baggs,
Principal, Milkwood Steiner School