Milkwood Steiner School: Larrakia Smoking Ceremony

Milkwood Steiner School

Larrakia smoking ceremony

Last week at Milkwood Steiner School began with a Larrakia smoking ceremony.  This is an excerpt from the Milkwood Newsletter:

‘A time to let go of things we were carrying that no longer serve us, and bring intention to those that do. With this ceremony, our school has received Duwun Lee’s trust and a great privilege: Larrakia permission for our community to grow and thrive on Larrakia land, permission for our teachers and leaders to hold this space, with responsibility and integrity, permission for our children to learn in ways that align with Larrakia values, and the gift of a Larrakia name: 
Djandjag (Milkwood tree) 
With gratitude to our Larrakia teachers and custodians Duwun and Trent, and to Archie for his powerful role in this ceremony as a Larrakia boy.’