Mount Barker Waldorf School Class 12 Special Project Presentation

What is the Special Project?

Class 12, 2019

The Waldorf School curriculum promotes a deep level of understanding of humanity and each person’s relationship to the world.  A way in which this undertaking is developed is by the students working in an area of study of their own choosing that both interests and inspires them.  This is the Special Project. 

In Class 12 at Mount Barker Waldorf School, all students complete a year-long independent project. A key part of the curriculum, the project is valued for its capacity to significantly enhance individual learning and personal development. The project takes a multi-disciplinary approach aimed at developing a diverse range of attitudes, capacities, knowledge and skills for future education, work and life. 

It consists of 4 components: 

  • a written section – a report or thesis
  • something practical – a created, developed or written ‘artefact’
  • a journal – documentation of the process gone through
  • an oral presentation – a reflective speech where the focus is on the inspiration for the project, what was learnt along the way, how challenges were met. Each component will be assessed throughout the year to set criteria. 

The special project gives each student a unique opportunity to initiate and direct their own inquiry process and product. The student is connected to the content of the project over an extended period of time, which can provide a new orientation and focus to their lives. Some students may find the project extends into an existing interest, whilst for others the project will open up new avenues or fascinations. In either case, it will help students to establish a freer relationship to future vocational directions, and can be a vehicle allowing students to grapple with their own destiny question.

In 2019 the Class 12 students at Mount Barker Waldorf School will present their Special Projects to the school community over two weekends – 15-17 November, and 22 – 23 November, 2019. 

This year 22 projects will be presented, covering a variety of topics including:

Exploring culture and connection through art
A year-long focus on sports based games
Considering the seemingly unsolvable problem of human-accelerated climate change
A personal journey into animation
Developing inner strength by hiking the Kokoda trail
Capturing the elements through sculpture
An exploration into rehabilitating horses and their effects on people
The art of creating, plating and presenting fine desserts
An exploration of quilting through connections with community
Creating an environmental group to guide a more sustainable future

For more information about the Class 12 project presentations please contact Mount Barker Waldorf School