Mount Barker Waldorf School: ‘Reconciliation Steps’ RAP Project

Mount Barker Waldorf School

‘Reconciliation Steps’ RAP Project

In 2019, Mount Barker Waldorf School began work on their ‘Reconcilation Steps’ project. Key words and phrases were chosen from Kevin Rudd’s 2008 apology to the stolen generations of First Nation’s people throughout Australia.

Every High School student created a clay brick and carved one of the chosen words into the soft clay of their brick. During 2020 the bricks were cut and fired – ready to be built into the walls on either side of the set of steps that would connect the High School area with the school oval and canteen.

The walls have now been built and the bricks inserted to create the ‘Reconciliation Steps’ at Mount Barker Waldorf School.

Jeremy Board, Mount Barker Waldorf School RAP Committee Chair