Mumbulla School: Narragunnawali Award nomination

Mumbulla School

Narragunnawali Award nomination

Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education has received a prestigious nomination for a Narragunnawali Award for their exceptional Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and their positive contributions to reconciliation.

Established in early 2021, the RAP group at Mumbulla School plays a vital role in shaping the school’s reconciliation efforts. Reporting directly to the Mumbulla School Board, the group is responsible for the annual review and updates of the school’s RAP.

By March 2022, the first RAP was successfully developed, outlining the school’s comprehensive actions towards reconciliation, focusing on building relationships, respect, and opportunities. Many initiatives have been implemented within the classrooms, throughout the school, and within the wider community.

A key factor in the success of the school’s RAP lies in the expertise and dedication of its leaders. The RAP group consists of the Education Manager, teachers, board members, and members of the parent community, including a First Nations elder.

The Narragunnawali Reconciliation in Education Awards, facilitated by Reconciliation Australia, are eagerly awaited by the school, as the announcement of finalists draws near.

Another notable group reporting to the Mumbulla School Board is the Equitable Access Group (EAG). The EAG is focused on finding ways to make Steiner Education at Mumbulla School more accessible to all children. They actively fundraise to provide financial scholarships, aiming to support students who otherwise might not have access to such an education. Currently, one student is benefiting from this initiative, and it is hoped that another scholarship will be offered in 2025.

Additionally, in 2022, a significant scholarship was established with generous support from the Maddy Collins family. The Maddy Collins Scholarship was created by Maddy’s family to celebrate the invaluable gift of education, inclusion, and love that Maddy received from the Mumbulla School community. Maddy, who had a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder, joined Kindergarten in 2012 and graduated from Class 6 in 2019. This scholarship was specifically designed to benefit children with disabilities who may wish to attend Mumbulla School.

Mumbulla School take great pride in announcing that the Maddy Collins Scholarship has been awarded to two deserving children.

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