Mumbulla School: Scholarship program

Mumbulla School

First K-6 Scholarship awarded

For the first time, in early February 2020, a student started at Mumbulla School on a scholarship for their seven-year journey from Kindergarten to Class 6. 

Mumbulla School has been educating children for 30 years in Bega, southern NSW.  In 1988, from humble beginnings with only one classroom in a converted laundry, a group of parents began the school inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. While the first group of children was only small, Mumbulla School now has over 175 students. 

In 2015, the Mumbulla School Board established an Equitable Access Group to help turn the school’s vision of offering a financial scholarship into a reality. While Mumbulla School is an independent school, there has always been a focus on ensuring equitable access for all.

In 2019 the Australian Tax Office confirmed Deductible Gift Recipient status which means that any donation over $2 is tax deductible. This gave a boost to fundraising efforts and the Equitable Access Group set up a cake stall at the local river and wetlands awareness festival.

An array of delicious baked goods enticed a local business owner, who paid $2 for his rhubarb crumble muffin, to donate $5000 to the scholarship fund.  The Equitable Access Group were stunned by his generosity and excited by the potential of the donation. More funds materialised from a whole school Read-a-thon as well as personal and other business donations.

Taking a leap of faith, the Equitable Access Group proposed offering a scholarship starting in 2020. 

What a year it has been for a young person to start at Mumbulla School, beginning with bushfires then followed by remote learning, but everyone has managed to settle in and make the most of an unforgettable time. And now, encouraged by the best spring in many years, our hope is for renewal and recovery with the future looking bright for our scholarship program.

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