Mumbulla School Scholarship

This year, Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education selected their first full Scholarship recipient.

Traditionally, scholarships are based on academic merit. The Mumbulla School Scholarship Program is one of the only purely financial scholarships available to an independent primary school in Australia.

For many years the school community have wanted to create a Scholarship for students who may not be able to attend Mumbulla School for financial reasons. The school formed an ‘Equitable Access Group’ (EAG) in 2015 and gradually the desire became a reality.

In 2017, the Scholarship Fund was endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. This was significant because anyone making a donation could then claim a tax deduction. This gave the EAG an opportunity to work with the local community and Mumbulla School alumni to build the Scholarship Fund to a point where applications could be called for.

In late 2018, the EAG held a cake stall at the Bega River Day. A local businessman bought a muffin and asked what the group were fundraising for. This conversation led to a generous annual donation to the Scholarship Fund of $5,000. The EAG still can’t believe they sold a $5,000 muffin!

The first Scholarship recipient will start Kinder at Mumbulla in 2020.

Mumbulla School began in 1988 with a small group of children and dedicated parents who felt there was something special in the principles followed by Rudolf Steiner Schools. The school has now grown to around 180 children and our enrolments represent a broad cross section of the Bega Valley community. The school welcomes students and families with diverse backgrounds and interests and encourages parent and carer support to help their child/ren to engage fully in school life.

For more information on Mumbulla School and the Scholarship Fund please visit the website and look under Enrolment.