Mumbulla School: Winter Festival

Mumbulla School

School Festival Brings Warmth to the Community

Flame torches are placed around the spiral

Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education welcomed back their beautiful Winter Festival Spiral Walk on Thursday evening. The Winter Spiral is celebrated in Steiner schools on (or around) the winter solstice throughout the world. At this time the sun sends the least light and warmth to the earth. Our days are at their shortest and our nights at their longest. 

Mumbulla School students gather to sing at their Winter Festival

Children from years 1 – 6 created beautiful lanterns for this special evening, which at its core is a celebration of light. A glorious natural spiral was created on the school oval and as the sun set you could see it was lit by tiny twinkling candles hidden amongst the greenery. In the centre of the spiral was the warm glow from a few solitary candles, soon to become hundreds. While singing, the children walked slowly into the centre of the spiral to receive one of these lit candles. They then slowly travelled outwards by the light of their own candle.  

The glow of candles as children walk the spiral at the Winter Festival

The Winter Festival helps remind us of our ability to bring light into darker times. The spectacular glowing spiral of light created at the Winter Festival by children and their families walking out from the centre of the spiral by candlelight also reminds us that we are beginning to move towards the warmth of spring and summer.


Drummers signal it is time for the flame torches
Mumbulla School students sing at their Winter Festival
Candles ready for students to carry at the Winter Festival
Children walk with their lanterns