Mumbulla Steiner School: Remote Learning

Mumbulla Steiner School: Remote Learning


There are so many heart-warming stories about how adaptable schools have been during this time of remote learning. Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education in Bega, NSW, have shared a few images from their experience.

Teachers prepare lessons with a detailed plan each day. The hard copy learning packs are laid out on tables in the hall, waiting for collection. There is also an electronic OneDrive file sent to parents which contains video and audio files as well as blackboard drawings. Craft, Library, Music and French files are also included with each specialist videoing or recording their lessons or instructions for students to follow at home. As much as possible, the teachers are trying to make sure students do not need internet access and can view files that are already downloaded.

 Teachers and students are keeping connected through phone calls and like countless others, have had great fun seeing each other using the Zoom platform. A whole new way of interacting for many.

Sophia, resident chalk board artist and Front Office staff member, has had a bit of fun. The chalk boards and nature table in the Front Office show students fighting Coronavirus as well as dolls who are remote learning.

The Literacy and Numeracy Specialists have been able to continue the work they do with students. Online meetings are set up where teachers can continue to work through programs. As there are gradual moves to return to face to face teaching, these students will not have missed a beat of their extra support. Here is an image of one student who was at school for supervised learning while his parents are working. He is talking to his Literacy support teacher.

Mumbulla School is grateful for the generous sharing and support from SEA as well as other schools and organisations. With such a steep learning curve it helped to not re-invent the wheel each time.