New Steiner High School for WA

New Parkerville High School Campus Given Green Light

Perth Waldorf School has gained official approval from the WA Minister for Education and Training for the new High School Parkerville campus, planned to open February, 2022.

This week, the School received notice of a successful advance determination from the Hon Sue Ellery, which confirms the opening of 27 more places for new secondary students.

The new high school campus will be established on land leased from Silver Tree Steiner School. The lease agreement is for an initial 10 years, with the option to renew for a further two 10 year periods.

Perth Waldorf School will operate the high school as a second campus and continuation of the long-running high school already in place at Bibra Lake.

Opening the new High School Campus in Parkerville will mean students at Silver Tree Steiner School, and those from surrounding areas, will have the opportunity of a Steiner high school education in the Hills, without having to compete for limited places or travel down to Bibra Lake.

In turn, this means opportunities for new students at Bibra Lake campus, with many students who would have travelled from the Hills able to attend closer to home.

Built in four stages, the campus will open to students starting Class seven in 2022 and continue through more development stages to allow for an ongoing journey to graduation in Class 12.

Stage two, three and four will see eight new learning areas progressively established to completion in 2026, including general use classrooms as well as specialist rooms for science, arts and music.

Significant landscaping and other student friendly amenities will be provided to ensure a high quality experience in the natural beauty of Parkerville.

Construction of the new Perth Waldorf School Parkerville High School Campus is planned to begin in early 2021, subject to all appropriate building and planning approval processes.

Currently, there are four Steiner education-based primary schools across the metropolitan area, as well as two in the south west and one in Geraldton, but there is only one Steiner high school, in Bibra Lake.

The Perth Waldorf School, an independent school, was established in 1982 and the current High School was opened in 2007.

Enrolments are now open for the new High School Campus in Parkerville for Class seven in 2022 onwards. Contact the Perth Waldorf School on 9417 3638 or email: [email protected]

For more information about the new Perth Waldorf School Parkerville High School campus, please visit: