Newcastle Waldorf School: New School signs

Newcastle Waldorf School

NWS School Signs – designed and created by Callum Reynolds HSC graduate of NWS 2020

Our two signs have been designed with the intention of showing respect to the traditional custodians of our area. We chose to create two doubled sided signs so that both the English and the Awabakal can be read from the road in both directions without one being above the other.

Our consultant teacher supported us to find the best translation of Newcastle Waldorf School.

The translation is “Muloobinba Waldorf Minamba.”
Spelling of Muloobinba is recorded with the “oo” or with a “u” in place off the “oo” but is spoken as “oo”. Most places that use the name use “oo”.
Muloobinba is the name for Newcastle before colonisation and its meaning is place of sea ferns. Waldorf has no translation, and Minamba is the word for school or place of learning. Our area is highly likely Pambalong linked to the Pambalong mob of the Awabakal, but to translate the school’s name literally it is Newcastle – so Muloobinba.

Callum has been the artistic designer and is the main creator of our two new school signs. The signs are Blue Gum slabs and have been specially mounted on steel posts with a copper cap at the top.