Newcastle Waldorf School: Winter Solstice Festival

Newcastle Waldorf School

Winter Solstice Festival

The giant lanterns for the Newcastle Waldorf Winter Solstice Festival on Tuesday were the five platonic solids; tetrahedron (fire), cube (earth), octahedron (air), dodecahedron (aether) and icosahedron (water). The staff and students made the frames out of bamboo and the covers were a light calico. They were each about 1.5 metres tall and were placed in a semi-circle at the opposite end of the field to the fire stick eurythmy. All the classes had made their own lanterns in a colour to match one of the large platonic solids. 

It was a beautiful community event with well over 200 people. The classes made soup and bread for the families which they ate together before singing whilst bringing their lanterns to the field. We achieved a very reverent atmosphere for the fire sticks and then they lit the three central fires for more communal singing.