Orana Steiner School: Harvest festival donations help Canberrans in need

Orana Steiner School

Harvest festival donations help Canberrans in need

Harvest Festivals are a vital part of any Steiner school community, where children come together to celebrate the changing rhythms of the earth. As part of the Steiner Philosophy, this seasonal shift is marked through artistic methods, songs, stories, verses and walks and play in nature.

As the colder months approach, children are encouraged to appreciate the gifts of the earth in many ways through the sharing of excess with those less fortunate, gathering and harvesting fruit and vegetables from gardens and spending time with loved ones to cook and enjoy favourite meals together.

In March, Orana Steiner School celebrated its annual Harvest Festival for their Primary School Classes 1-12. The Harvest celebration was a wonderful community event led by Class 3, Senior College students and Music accompanists. It was a great success and the emergency food relief service, The Little Pantry, was extremely thankful to Orana students, staff and families for their monumental donation efforts.

“Thanks to the Orana community, The Little Pantry received over 1,000 non-perishable food items for its winter appeal for Canberrans in need,” said Orana Steiner School Principal, Kelly Armstrong.

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