Perth Waldorf School High School Beach Day

On Thursday 21st March we were blessed with the perfect weather and a great location at John Graham Reserve in Coogee to host our annual High School Beach Day.  Staff and students from the Parkerville Steiner College campus made the trek from the hills, all the way to the coast to be a part of the big day.

Students were placed in 1 of 14 teams with a mixture of Class 8 – 12 students from both campuses. Whilst there may have been a hint of hesitation at the beginning of the day it didn’t take long before everyone had settled in and were enjoying themselves.

There was a mix of activities on the grass with a little something for everyone and some excellent displays of teamwork. Down on the beach we couldn’t have dreamed of better conditions! Capture the flag was a hit whilst on the other side of the jetty the creativity was flowing, and the sand sculptures were epic!

The Tug o War was a big hit and while the energy was high as each class came up against each other, everyone was really waiting for the big event ‘Class 12 v Staff’! Whilst the numbers were in favour of the staff and looking likely winners, the Class 12’s had other ideas and took us down – literally!

A big thank you to our amazing staff for their assistance and enthusiasm on the day and to our wonderful students for participating with great energy and making the day an enjoyable one.