Perth Waldorf School Class 9 Camp to Margaret River

Perth Waldorf School Class 9 camp to Margaret River was an amazing adventure for students and teachers. This was a week of clear blue skies, sunshine and pounding waves, howling wind and steady rain, stars, freezing nights, welcome fires, spotlights and sardines. But most memorable of all, surfing clean waves, off shore winds and a small, but very exciting hail storm.

Whether it was climbing to the top of Willyabrup’s 30m sea cliff, abseiling into Bride’s Cave, exploring the pathways of Buranup’s forest floor, catching waves or simply putting on a harness to explore a cliff’s edge, this camp offered all students the opportunity to find the boundary to their comfort zone, whilst providing a safe environment to take another step into the unknown. Not only were these experiences a lot of fun, but they also enabled students to overcome challenges previously thought impossible!

The students approached all activities and challenges with so much good will and positivity that even doing the dishes and polishing the BBQ each night was fun. It was an inspiration to see this vibrant mix of individuals come together to support one another through the challenges of the week. Sharing so openly of their experiences and realising how these moments of empowerment can be transferred into other aspects of their lives.

Sincere thanks to Paddy Hocking and the camp co-leaders Will, Krystal and Jack and the excellent instructors from Margaret River Surf School and Outdoor Discoveries.

Perth Waldorf School