Perth Waldorf School Class Ten Camp to Warrdagga

Warrdagga Camp was a definite highlight for the 2019 Perth Waldorf School Class 10 students and their teachers.

Warrdagga Rock is located within Ninghan Station approximately 400km North East of Perth. This ancient landscape holds deep cultural significance to Aboriginal people for a number of reasons, including a male initiation site and women’s birthing area. Perth Waldorf School students were very fortunate to have local Yamaji men Ashley and Drew Bell speak with us about the stories of Warrdagga and life in tune with the plants, animals and spirits of the land.

The camp itself is facilitated by a team of experienced outdoor educators and PWS staff. This said, the days were largely student led with a focus on wandering the landscape in-tune with the natural rhythms of the day. These rhythms include drawing inspiration from sunrise, resting during the heat of the day and taking time to reflect and philosophise during the wisdom of the night. Students slept under tarpaulins and cooked nutritious meals over open fires, beneath star filled skies.

It was a magic 6 days where time ceased to exist and students took full advantage of their opportunity to deepen their own relationship to the natural area, with themselves and with one another as a class.

For the accompanying staff, it was a pleasure teaching Class 10 and joining them on their Warrdagga camp. They truly are a dynamic class of high energy and deep thinking individuals, never afraid to meet a challenge and truly at their best when working together under pressure.

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