Perth Waldorf School – Parkerville High School Campus Information Session

Perth Waldorf School – Parkerville High School Campus Information Session

Architect Designs Underway

In January, the Parkerville Campus Reference Group approved the initial layout concept of the High School extension.

The concept outlines how buildings will nestle into the natural contours of the land, include restoration and landscaping of natural bushland and is likely to feature buildings set on stilts.

The Reference Group were impressed with what they saw and excited to see how the buildings would be sited on land leased from Silver Tree Steiner School.

Architects, Collaborative Design, presented the master plan which was given the go ahead into the next phase, which will see specific plans laid out for the provision of infrastructure (power, water, sewerage etc) and detailed stage-one buildings.

These stage-one buildings will be ready for Class 7 in 2022 and include administration and staff facilities as well as a purpose-built classroom.

Bore Water on Site

On December 24, we found bore water! The contracted driller was pleased to report that they had found bore water, which we intend to use to put turf on the oval and provide non-drinking water for toilets and gardens etc. We are really pleased to have accessed this resource and hope both the Primary and High School children will enjoy having a green grassed field and thriving native gardens to enjoy.

Information Session

On March 8, an information evening will be held about the latest plans, developments, and curriculum with a chance to ask questions. This will also include details of the first offer of places to C5 students who are currently in a Steiner School to enter Class 7 in 2023 at the Parkerville or Bibra Lake Campus. Hear from School Administrator Bruce Lee, Teaching and Curriculum Development Coordinator Mark Phillips, plus other inspiring speakers.

Date: Monday, 8 March 2021
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Silver Tree Steiner School, Music Room Registrations essential: Password: Parkerville

For more information about the Parkerville High School campus, please visit the Perth Waldorf School website at