Perth Waldorf School: Year 11 ‘base camp’ at school

Perth Waldorf School: Year 11 ‘base camp’ at school

Despite students’ return to school, there are some things that have not yet returned to the way the used to be. One example is the Class 11 Deep Ecology Main Lesson that is currently taking place. Normally the students would spend the first week of their main lesson preparing for their camp: a 6 day kayaking trip along the Blackwood River, where they set up at a new campsite each night. As no camps or excursions are currently taking place, Paddy has had to reimagine the Main Lesson to try and give the students the same nature connection experience without the week long immersion.
To assist him in doing this, his main lesson is being held in the “Base camp” he has created at the back of the school.

Many staff have been challenged to reimagine their classes in recent weeks. Firstly they had to come to grips with how they might be able to teach in an online environment. This may have required completely changing their programming and teaching style, and needing to adjust their expectations of the outcomes of the class. Not to mention learning how to use a new software system. Then suddenly they were returned to their normal teaching environment, but with some extra challenges thrown in.

Throughout this time I have been continually impressed by our staff’s flexibility, perseverance, creativity and determination. They have continued to strive to provide the best learning opportunities for the students, and supported them through the unexpected changes.

There are many things we do not yet know about this next term of schooling. Will we be able to once again attend play performances, assemblies, parent nights, camps, a winter festival?

Annabelle Kellenberger – High School Coordinator