Perth Waldorf School: Year 7 dot paintings

Perth Waldorf School: Year 7 dot paintings

It was a sunny Saturday morning, October 24th, and the Sevens came to school! This was the day, after almost two terms of persistent ‘dotting’ that the Circle paintings were finished and speeches were prepared. Every painting is different as every student is unique. Twenty six paintings of varying sizes displayed each child’s life. What a privilege indeed!

Jaleena chose to go first. Initially, a little tentative, but she soon got into her stride. She described using the back of her hand as a palette and the sticks and grass tree spines as her dotting implements. One after another the students entertained the audience with anecdotes about the friends and family members immortalised in their paintings. The importance of pets resounded strongly. The words ‘patience’ and ‘frustration’ were mentioned regularly, but most agreed that it is an ideal way to spend a Wednesday afternoon sitting out on the grass in a circle, yarning away while ‘dotting’.

Belle was the last to present and she left the audience with a wondrous sense of a teenager who loves her art and for her, the process was a joy.

When all was done, class Seven served food and drinks to the adults first, before they delved into the goodies themselves…clearly all patience improved!

The paintings will now go home to be hung, with pride.

This project is a semester long social ‘experience’ aimed to meet the teenager and works with connection, within themselves and with those who surround them. This journey is shown through the medium of the circle art project. They then present their art to the class and the parents in a safe and supportive environment and show their vulnerability by sharing their personal journey.

Patricia Crook
Class 7 Wardong Teacher