Primary School Woodwork at Perth Waldorf School

Perth Waldorf School classes 5, 6 & 7 have been participating in woodwork classes throughout 2019.

Each class has bought their own unique energy to woodwork classes, and it has been amazing to see the huge variety of pieces crafted by the students. One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching woodwork is helping each individual student engage with their project. This dynamic process is different with every student depending on their project and temperament, but it is always rewarding for teacher and student, to see creativity and perseverance in overcoming challenges.

Class 5 have made a range of projects including mallets, bowls, animals, candle holders and spatulas. These have been sculpted from tree branches and timber slabs using a variety of saws, rasps, gauges, drills and sanders.

Class 6 refined their use of gauges, saws, rasps and chisels to allow cooking spoons to emerge from their native timber slabs. These were made in all shapes and sizes, many with curved handles and ornate decorative details. Class 6 students are currently working on bush stools, made from tree branches and rough sawn slabs with a specific function and purpose in mind.

 Class 7 are making moving toys, which ties in with their Mechanics main lesson. Each toy is propelled through various forms of mechanical advantage, including the use of levers and detailed rigging. These toys are carved using coping saws and small rasps. Delicate use of drills, sanders, copper wire and fishing line are also needed in order to complete the projects.

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