Samford Steiner School students on ABC RADIO BRISBANE MORNINGS PROGRAM

Over 240 students from Steiner Schools around Australia met for 4 days at Samford Valley Steiner School to discuss and explore social renewal in areas such as sustainability, ethical business, mental health and moral technologies.
Graduates of Steiner schools and from the wider community active in studying and working in these areas supported the conference. These young social entrepreuners in ethical clothing, mental health and urban design, artists supporting expression of change practices and sustainability leaders led conversation groups and workshops.
The students who had to apply to attend, stating their interest in positive world change, camped on the oval during the conference taking care to create minimal waste but surplus energy to put into the grid through solar panels. They discussed solutions to the challenges of the world today in their conversation groups and workshops. Many said that they were encouraged to connect with other like-minded young people who care deeply about the future of the world.
Three students from Samford Valley Steiner School were interviewed this morning about the experience of the conference and the importance of young people feeling empowered in having a voice in the world.
They spoke about their own planned future contributions to better the world.
You can listen to the interview from the ABC Mornings show via the link below. Skip through to 2.14.30 on the time bar for the start of the interview.