Samford Valley Steiner School: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Samford Valley Steiner School

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Samford Valley Steiner School teacher’s play finally came and did not disappoint. Nearly 400 people were entertained under a very special tree with a brilliant cast, magical music, gorgeous costumes, and stunning makeup.

Please read on for the article from the most recent Samford Valley Steiner School newsletter about this amazing performance:

The set designed by John Salmond enabled an immersion that allowed both actor and audience to become one with the tree. A tree that was generously shared by Gerald Miles and Cath Appleton. The music composed by Dale Jones allowed our talented musicians, Zoe Akeroyd, Rafael Abraham and Georgie Stibbard to fill the air with exquisite music. The formidable team led by Chris Wood-Willems and joined by our own alumni Lucy Tranter-Wissemann made costumes and created makeup with the help of our own artist Samuela Bettega that sent us beyond the realms of the human world. All were fed with nutritious food supplied by another beloved alumni Bronte Salmond. Vanessa Chadwick created a beautiful program and our camping expert Simon Roberts made sure our Puck could truly fly with his rigging. Andy Currey added authenticity as an armourer with his awesome weaponry collection.

There were over 30 in the cast and each individual shone with their own special light aided by the genius that is Janine Whitten. Alicia Braxton pulled out all stops in bringing us beautiful gifts and more importantly helping tirelessly with Janine to bump out. Of course, there would be nowhere to sit or go to the toilet without our dear Peter King and Jethro See making light of heavy jobs. Finally, to the audience who brought us the greatest joy by not only being so responsive to our actors but by being the very people that support and sustain us. 

What a community we have!Here at SVSS we are not just a school but a community of doers. 
I feel blessed to have such dedicated, talented, and passionate colleagues.

Every individual that makes up the fabric of our community has brought their skills to this production. I am not just talking about acting and production skills but the values and qualities we all hope our students take from our school. These include empathy, compassion, courage, steadfastness, wisdom, love and the ability to play and have a good laugh. I think everyone witnessed these at the performances.

Nicole Ostini