Samford Valley Steiner School: Kindy home learning


It has long been the desire of all teachers that parents connect to the curriculum more fully because it is such a powerful influence for the child, the message they receive is you care and about this as much as my teacher.

The teachers were tasked with delving into the essence of the Steiner early childhood curriculum, and, then within a great experiment in communication, our families connected with that same essence and lovingly gave it to their children in a living form. This, for us early childhood educators, has been the silver lining of the Covid-19 cloud!

Here are some of the silver linings – the heartfelt responses and feedback – not only from our parents, but from the EC teachers describing experiences of collating the curriculum, receiving it, and, delivering it. AND… the photos of the children speak more loudly than any words as testament of how powerful this curriculum is, that its truthful gift can be handed from teacher to parent to child just through a weekly document! Magic!

From Teachers …

“I’m getting to know a different side of my families that I wouldn’t have known, I’m able tostart to view my families in a different light”

“I’m feeling really nourished by these deeperconnections to the families”

From Parents …

“I’m really enjoying being more involved in the children’s education and having the opportunity to understand the Steiner curriculum morethoroughly”

“The information about (being comfortable with) being bored was a good starting point”

In Week One’s Program we chose the Little Straw Broom story to introduce the children to the notion of Tidying-Up. Little Gnomes Red Hat and Blue Hat live together under the roots of the tree, their house is a mess with seeds, seeds, everywhere (song), until Little Gold hat visits and teaches them how to sweep it all up (song).