Samford Valley Steiner School: Term 2 learning from home

SAmFORD Valley Steiner School: Term 2 learning from home


It is the end of the first week of learning from home and we are fully aware of the adaptations that teachers, parents and students have had to make to deliver the curriculum from home.  Early Childhood teachers have worked solidly for parents to have access to stories, songs, and programs that can be brought to their children at home. Primary School teachers have prepared take home packs for parents to collect so they are in a position to continue the curriculum from home.  High School subject teachers have prepared take home packs and learnt to deliver some of the curriculum via online learning.  

Some activities that have been happening during the week are:

  • Nature Mandala as part of Primary school Handwork,
  • Spindle making – Class 9 Handwork
  • Wet on wet painting
  • Instrumental lessons continued online

There is plenty of strong warm sun here in Queensland and we are encouraging parents to take their children outside for activities as much as possible. We only have about 30 incumbent students present at school from our normal population of 420 students.

We are deeply appreciative of teachers, parents and students for all the efforts they are putting in to assist with learning from home, we know it is a huge task for everyone!

Samford Valley Steiner School