SEA: Global Futures of the Environment – Online Course

Steiner Education Australia

Global Futures of the Environment

We are excited to announce the launch of Steiner Education Australia’s new online learning platform, delivered through Tribal Habits. We are proud and excited to be growing a wide variety of courses for school leaders, teachers, college, board directors, parents and the broader community on this online learning platform. 

The courses are designed for optimal engagement, relevance and learning in areas that are important not only to Steiner education and those who work in Steiner schools, but to all who wish to broaden knowledge and practical understanding in areas that really matter in these uncertain and complex times.

The first course that we are offering is a self-paced course about the environmental challenges we face and what we can do about them. Global Futures of the Environment is written by Dr. Jennifer Gidley and includes 12 lessons across three themes of climate change, energy systems and ecosystems.

Each theme has lessons addressing the challenges, and the alternatives, using resources including videos, readings and web links and includes reflection questions and quizzes.

This course is for anyone who is interested in critical issues such as climate crisis and how we can turn it around, old and new energy systems, and how we can prevent ecosystem collapse! 

This is a resource that links with the Australian Steiner Curriculum in Geography and Science, so suitable for senior students. It is designed for Steiner/Waldorf educators and staff, parents of school students, senior secondary students, and any interested colleagues who wish to learn about these critical global challenges and what we can do about them. 

Jennifer is an experienced Steiner educator, who founded and led the first Steiner school in northern NSW (1984-94). She was a Consultant Research Advisor to the Australian Steiner Curriculum Project. Her numerous academic publications are deeply inspired by Steiner philosophy and pedagogy. The Global Futures courses not only draw on her work as an international futurist, but also on her 40 years’ experience as a psychologist, educator and academic.

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