Shearwater School: WAVE 2022 Horizons

Shearwater School

WAVE 2022 Horizons

WAVE is a major annual event in Shearwater’s performing arts calendar, showcasing wearable artworks created by Shearwater students, staff and the wider community, in a highly professional, choreographed production that encompasses design, music, dance, drama and technology. 2021 will mark the 21st year of Wearable Arts at Shearwater.

Much more than mere fashion, wearable artworks are manifestations of the maker’s inner world of imagination. They can be sewn, constructed, glued painted, collaged, riveted, woven and knitted. They can be made from metals, recycled found objects, silk, rubber, natural fibres, industrial offcuts or whatever substance can be sculptured, coaxed, charmed and, if required, bent by the will of the artist.

Garments entered in the competition must be relevant to one of the show’s five sections and will be judged by a panel of independent experts.

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