Silver Tree Steiner School: Clutterbuck Creek restoration

Silver Tree Steiner School

Clutterbuck Creek restoration


Silver Tree Steiner School received a $20,000 grant through the Commonwealth Government to restore the Clutterbuck Creek foreshore. The creek runs through 25 acres of beautiful bushland on which Silver Tree is situated.

This restoration project was carried out to improve water quality, biodiversity and wildlife habitat for native birds, reptiles, frogs, mammals and macro-invertebrates and has focused on removing watsonia, bridal creeper, introduced wattles and other invasive environmental weeds.


Children were involved in building a rifle to slow water velocity, placing fallen logs in the creek to prevent erosion and provide habitat as well as assisting in revegetating the area with 2000 native endemic plants.

Part of the grant was used for the construction and installation of nesting/breeding boxes for birds, possums and microbats.

Bronwyn Scallan, a parent at Silver Tree parent for over 10 years, has been the driving force behind this project.

Nesting box
Masked Owl
Nesting box