Silver Tree Steiner School: Welcome Jack!

Silver Tree Steiner School

Welcome Jack!

Beaming, he plays with such Joyfulness! 

Anticipation awaits, where is that stick? 

So pleasantly Cautious, a buddy you can rely on. 

Gracious Kind-heartedness flowing for all. 


Welcome to our school Jack, what a lovely, sweet soul you are! 

From the children… 

Our Games sessions have become a touch more exciting of late as we enjoy the company of our new member, Jack!  He eagerly sits and awaits his directions from his ‘spot’ while we play our favourite games and learn new skills. A snuggle or two from our new friend is helping to heal our hearts as we learn to accept being ‘tagged’, or have taken a tumble when we so bravely diveto save our team. Jack, our dear comforter, we thank you for your patience as we quietly cuddle up to you with care. One of our favourite experiences is making time to play with Jack. We listen carefully to the new rules so everyone stays safe and has much fun.  So far chase is the favourite, catching Jack is no easy feat! 

Welcome Jack, there are lots more adventures to come! 

From Kylie and Kaye… 
As the morning sun pours on to the balcony of our new workspace, we chat about the day ahead of us with a new team member leaning in for his morning cuddle. We welcome our school Therapy Dog, Jack! With the help of Ariza from Perth Canine Craft, we are learning so much and having a great time settling Jack into his new role. He enjoys listening to children read, fun chase games in the village, strokes from anyone who requires it, and quiet time on his new bed. Many children have had group sessions and some one-to-one moments with Jack; getting to know him and enjoy his company. 

Kylie Jarrett, Silver Tree Steiner School