Sophia Mundi Steiner School: Year 8 Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Sophia Mundi Steiner School

Year 8 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Main Lesson

Year 8 have been studying Hydraulics and Pneumatics in Term 3. In their experiments they have been exploring mechanical properties and use of liquids and gases – with some dramatic affects!

Pic 1: Here we have an experiment showing capillary action, filling one glass from another.

Pic 2: Glasses of hot and cold water with food dye (quite a bit of dexterity required with that one) understanding convection principals – Hot liquids have a lower density!

Pic 3: The water surface tension experiments – floating a needle on water and colourful inks on milk.

We were also able to answer a question that’s been preoccupying the class for some time – “Is water wet?” Finally put to rest – or was it?


Ross Richards,

Middle School Teacher, Sophia Mundi