Steiner Schools Week – 2 – 8 September, 2019 – Learn to change the world

Steiner Schools’ Week 2nd – 8th September 2019 celebrates 100 years of Steiner /Waldorf education around the world with the theme Learn to Change the World

Virginia Moller CEO of Steiner Education Australia encourages everyone to visit a Steiner school, and take a look at SEA and schools’ websites to find out more about this approach to education that has great relevance in today’s society. 

‘Now, more than ever before, Steiner education is recognised as a highly valued approach to develop flexible and agile thinking and an ability to collaborate and thrive in a 21st Century world’.

Many Steiner schools in Australia have special events to celebrate 100 years of Steiner education in the world. A major event is the Australian Youth Conference for Year 10-12 students across Australia and NZ on 3rd – 7th September at Samford Valley Steiner School, QLD. This event showcases how powerful Steiner education is in its conscious approach to developing young people for the future. 

Other schools are participating in a live stream of the inspiring Youth Conference performance of ‘100 Years’ commissioned for the 100 Year celebrations. Many schools are also showcasing their sustainability initiatives, including bees – a global Steiner school initiative making a real difference.

From the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart in 1919, there are now 1,182 Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner schools in 66 countries and 1,911 Waldorf Kindergartens in more than 69 countries. There are 50 Australian Steiner schools which are part of this vibrant, innovative and diverse global community.

A 2018 national survey of parents showed 87% of parents are satisfied with choosing a Steiner school – one of the highest levels of satisfaction amongst parents in any educational system. Students spoke passionately about being happy and fulfilled and having strong relationships with their teachers and fellow students. 

89% of Alumni surveyed agreed what they learned was highly appropriate to later life, 95% agreed that attending a Steiner school has been an asset to life and 94% would recommend a Steiner education. 

Ms Moller encourages a visit to a Steiner school to see first-hand why there is this level of support and endorsement of our educational approach and pedagogy.

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