Sunday Telegraph article by SEA CEO Dr Virginia Moller: ‘Lessons in holistic approach’

Sunday Telegraph article

by SEA CEO Dr Virginia Moller

‘Lessons in holistic approach’

Steiner Education Australia CEO, Dr Virginia Moller, has had an article published in last week’s Sunday Telegraph promoting the Steiner graduate research conducted by the University of the Sunshine Coast.

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At a time when the world is facing new challenges and demanding creative solutions, our schools must respond with fresh thinking and directions.

New research shows graduates of Steiner schools are outstripping national trends in completing tertiary education and that their education is equipping them well for further study, career pathways and for their lives and relationships.

Just under half (49 per cent) of Steiner graduates held a bachelor’s degree, which is nearly a third greater than the Australian average (31 per cent), while a greater proportion of Steiner graduates hold a postgraduate degree than the national proportion.

The research by the University of the Sunshine Coast also revealed that while Steiner graduates have a strong affinity with the caring professions, a greater proportion of Steiner graduates than the national average worked in professional, scientific and technical services, including scientific research, architecture, engineering and computer systems design.

The Steiner research found the vast majority of graduates believed their school education prepared them well for future learning and career options.

This research confirms that Steiner students are completing their school days well prepared for the next phase of their lives.

The University of the Sunshine Coast research, involving Steiner graduates at school from 1985 – 2020, found many attributed their effective preparation for further studies to the ‘holistic and integral nature of Steiner pedagogy’.

Steiner Education Australia CEO Dr Virginia Moller