Sydney Rudolf Steiner College: ‘The Hub’ Teacher Education Programme

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College launches ‘The Hub’ Teacher Education Programme

 Sydney Rudolf Steiner College offers a unique and comprehensive Steiner teacher training, providing an education experience that supports the whole human being. We are conscious that today, more than ever, we need to establish a direct relationship with the world, with nature and with other human beings, and to learn through Doing, Feeling and Thinking. It is for this reason that the College has established a programme to offer a balance in this technological age, to support distance learning, while ensuring that the human element and sense of community that is so vital in the work we do, is maintained.

Teacher training courses become more accessible

The College has responded to the changing landscape of Teacher Education by providing easier access to courses in regional centres. Teachers and schools around the country can now participate in collaborative TEACHER TRAINING HUBS located in their own school or region. This allows for sharing of resources, an enriched learning experience and the opportunity for schools to deepen their understanding of Steiner education within their own teaching faculty.

The College is currently collaborating with Hubs in Adelaide and the Northern Rivers and we look forward to engaging with more schools to expand the Hubs further.

How Teacher Training Hubs Work

  • Teachers enrolled in the annual Steiner Education courses for Early Childhood, Primary Teaching and High School Teaching, meet one evening each week at their local school or regional HUB during the School/College term, to participate in our weekly online webinars. This is supported by an experienced teacher at the school to lead a discussion time afterward.
  • Two live seminars (In April and September) are held at each HUB where all creative and practical subjects are guided in-person by experienced teachers from the participating schools. Lectures are live-streamed from the seminar in Sydney and group discussion, guided by experienced teachers can take place in-person. We see the face to face delivery of courses as an invaluable and necessary complement to online webinars.
  • The seminars may be held at different schools in local regions, so teachers get to benefit from experiencing different Steiner school environments.
  • Enrolments are processed by the College and all students are administered and supported via our online Learning Portal, so school administration is minimal.
  • Naturally, teachers can still enrol individually and study the webinars from the convenience of their own home, and attend the Seminars in-person at the College in Sydney or at their local HUB.
  • The unexpected advantage of the online delivery of Courses during school term is that the College can draw on an exceptional pool of international lecturers; leaders in their subject matter.

What our Hub students had to say after their first term and April seminar:

‘It was very good to watch the webinars this term as a group, which led to interesting, valuable and lively discussions afterwards”

“We are grateful to have felt part of the larger group, even at a distance, and we were impressed and inspired by the experience and wisdom of the tutors”

“It was a very rich and beneficial time. Lots of learning, crystallising, and illuminating Steiner’s pedagogy, and how to be an effective teacher”

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Enquiries are now open for 2023. Please contact a College coordinator for more information.

Robyn Davis: College Coordinator and Course Coordinator for Primary and High School courses [email protected]

Linda St Clair: Early Childhood Course Coordinator
[email protected]

Michael Caterer: Primary Certificate Course Coordinator
[email protected]